Hi there creative soul, welcome to my web shop. This is the place where i sell my Art to the World.

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In the pictures above you’ll see a glimpse of the products that I make: Art Batts, Art yarn, Art journals, Leporello’s, Notebooks, Paintings. I started my art making process by making Leporello’s (zigzag folded booklets). As a child I already made these small books. I kept them close and filled them with drawings and little treasures. Now my Leporello’s decorate my craft space. They have become an art piece by itself. Richly decorated with bright colours of paints.

After making a lot of Leporello’s I discovered the art of art journaling and altering books. Due to my day job (I’m a writer) I am a sucker for books. I love the look AND smell of books, especially of the old ones. So, no e-reader for me ;-). Since a couple of years I use old books, that i find at thrift stores and flea markets, to paint in. I alter them completely – every page a small painting – and use them as art journals.

Last summer (2019) I learned to spin my own wool/art yarn. This adds a whole new set of opportunities to my art that I’m still discovering, step by step. For a start I can make my own art yarns and art batts. Yeay!! I love all those colourful fibres. It’s like painting, only with a different, soft and fluffy material. If I let her my four year old daughter wants to play dress up with my wool, art yarns and art batts all day long. Sometimes she helps me designing a new art batt or an art yarn.

Well, enough said I guess about my Art. Only one thing I’d like to add. Every art piece you’ll find here in my web shop – whether it’s an art yarn, a Leporello, an art journal or a painting – is an unique piece of art and handmade with a lot of attention and passion. I hope a lot of my art pieces will find new homes through this shop. Otherwise my craft space will become overcrowded ;-). So please stay for a little while to discover the Magic of making Art together with me. Have fun!

** Dutch**
Welkom in mijn webshop! Zoals u zult merken, is deze webshop opgezet in het Engels. Dit komt omdat ik mij bij de verkoop van mijn producten richt op creatieven uit de hele wereld. Mocht u het Engels niet machtig zijn, of heeft u vragen, schroom dan niet om contact met mij op te nemen: info@madebydamiet / 06-33974821. Ik word altijd blij van uw bericht!