Be Brave


This painting is a very special one to me. I call it ‘Be Brave’.
I made this painting during the period that my mothers husband was fighting cancer.
We didn’t know if we he was going to survive, so our emotions were all over the place.
The dark blues in this painting are showing the emotions that i was feeling. On top of them i wrote down what was going on. The butterfly represents transformation. His off course, from sick to healthy. But also ours, from anxious and desperate to relieved and full of hope and believe.
Gladly my mothers husband completely recovered. So this piece is now a reminder of a very emotional period.

Like all of my paintings this piece was made on top of a few sheets of book paper glued together. Whenever I start painting I avoid the blank page. Usualy I work on top of old, used book papers. I think it’s because of my day job – I’m a writer – that I don’t get inspired by a blank page. And I DO get inspired by a page that has already a story. It works very well for me to combine my story with the story that was already there. The layer of the story becomes a layer in my artpiece.

Material: Ink, acrylics, acrylic ink, collage, white gel pen, pencil, washi tape
Frame size: 33,3 x 33,3 cm
Painting: 19 x 19 cm

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