Like all of my Leporello’s this Leporello is made out of heavy weight water color paper. Otherwise it wouldn’t be stury enough to display it as an accordion piece of art. When i paint/collage my Leporello’s I paint on a big piece of water color paper that I later cut in half. Both halfs I fold and put together. So I never know exactly how my Leporello’s will look once i’ve cut and fold them. So it’s a realy creative, suprising and inspiring proces. All Leporello’s are painted/collaged on both sides, layer upon layer, upon layer. I love the little see throughs wich give these art pieces a lot of depth.
This is only half a Leporello. The front is made of collage. The back is painted blue. It has an extra cardboard cover for sturdiness.

Materials: Water color paper, acrylic paints, collage, ribbon, cardboard.
Size: 41,5 x 14,8 cm

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