Painted Papers

It’s summertime! And when it’s summertime i’d like to work on some easy breazy projects. Things i can do outside or during my holidays. So in this blog i don’t do a lot of explaning, just a little 🙂 But i’ll show you a lot of pictures to inspire you to start your own summer project.

Used supplies: printer paper (A4), spray inks, brusho’s, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, gelli plate, spritzer, watercolors and brushes. You don’t NEED all these supplies. Just take out the ones you love and play…

To make my own painted papers,  i spray them, paint them, spritz and splatter them and print them on my gelli plate. I’d like to use a lot of supplies so i can mix colors and textures. You can of course use the supplies that you have or the ones that you like. Just play, experiment and have fun!

Paint only one side of your papers. Look at the backside of your papers when they’re dry. The backside is often very pretty too, because of the paints and inks bleeding through.

You can use your painted papers in any way you like. Wrap up a gift, use them in collage, glue them on a book cover or use them as a background in your art journal.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Have fun creating!

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