80’s Tags

Don’t you love the 80’s?! In a strange way i do. The 80’s is, in my opinion, the worst fashion decade ever. Women looked a bit masculin with their padded, boxy shoulders. Or they looked feminine, but in an almost agressive way, like Madonna, Blondie and Cindy Lauper. Anyway, what i did like in their fashion statements is the variety of colors and textures. They combined bright colors with black and white to make them even more bright. They also used a lot of shiny, neon colors. The materials of their clothes and the accessories were very contradictory. Smooth, shiny beads, frayed pantyhoses, applications, buttons, studs and lace bows. It wasn’t about less is more at all. Making these tags i had to think of the eighties. I will show you why…..

I started with a gelli print that i liked, but that felt like unfinished.

So on top of all the colored dots i printed black flowers. This way i liked it better, but still didn’t love it.

I decided to break up the print in smaller pieces. That’s just one way to make a big piece more interesting. I glued the smaller pieces to three small tags. On top of the prints i added some silver glitter. To every tag i attached a piece of colored ribbon.

I made the edges of my tags black with ink (Staz On) and sticked a word on them. When they were finished they made me think of Madonna. I guess now you understand why…  😉

Thanks for reading my blog!

Have fun creating!

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