Life’s pretty awesome

I love old triptychs. Painted with rich colors and lots of gold. Artists painted a lot of triptychs in the late dark ages and the renaissance. The big ones were often made for churches, to worship one or more saints. There were also a lot of little triptychs, made for home altars. This small piece of art is like a little triptych. I made it to put it on my very own home altar. To make sure that i remember every day, also on the sad days, that life is pretty awsome. Let me show you how i made my little triptych.

First i put together 6 tags with masking tape. I folded the piece and glued the tags together to make a pair of three tags (the masking tape is in between the tags).

I painted the tags with acrylic piants (brand: Amsterdam All Acrylics – standard series). You can use any colors or pattern you like.

Then i stamped over the acrylics with StazOn ink and stamps.

I decorated the piece with paper flowers (see my june blog for the making of) a quote and some ribbon.

There’s my little triptych! 🙂 I hope you’ll create your very own triptych. Show me yours by tagging me on Instagram! I would love to see your creation!

Thanks for reading my blog. Have fun creating!!

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